Membership Requirements

  • Applicants must be 18 years and over
  • Members’ children between the age of 14-18 years or full time students shall be exempted from membership fee on submission of an application subject to the approval of the Executive Committee such members shall have no voting privileges. Member’s children, and all other immediate family members (brothers/ sisters) who are 19 years of age and non-students are considered as non-members.
  • All application for membership must be seconded by two members of the Society. Members recommending new applicants are fully responsible for the behavior of the new member during the probationary period.
  • A new member is to be considered under probations for a period of one year prior to his/ her voting eligibility.
  • All applicants must submit an official application after thoroughly digesting Society’s constitution
  • All membership fees must be remitted annually. The payment will be due as of April 1 of each year for established members. For new applicants the payment will be due immediately after the approval of their applications.
  • Honorary membership may be granted to persons of distinction who have special interest in the Society and its objectives. Such persons may be granted this privilege only on the recommendation of the Executive Committee or, the Board of Trustees to the General Body Meeting.
  • Members of Assyrian Society will receive updates and invitations to Society’s events
  • Members will also receive free entry and discounted tickets or enrolment fees to many of Society’s events and programs.
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